Southern Reflections

Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Blues

I think I'm having some sort of MS "episode" I've been feeling all tingly and fatigued and kind of out of it all day. If this keeps up tommorow I will call my Neuro.

I had a really nice weekend though. Hubby brought me to RF Orchids and got me an early Valentines day gift of two fabulous orchids.

we made a really funny movie with his new camera. If we get it really good we'll post it on You Tube. LOL

There's a new kitty hanging around. A young silver tabby tom. I really would like to find him a home.With me being so tired and all it's getting harder and harder to take care of them dwarf bunny and three cats (four if he stays).

My boss at the winery wants me to paint the containers we use for the Carambola Stomp this weekend. I really want to and could so use the money but I feel like such crap. I really hate this MS shit...I mean it's not so bad really...I do pretty good all in all.

Best not to dwell on it too much...tommorow will be a better day.

Gotta play the hand you're dealt. That's part of the game.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Welcome To My New Home

Hello! And Welcome. Still setting up so bear with me. I was away for a few days and boy was I surprised at the Bru-ha-ha when I signed in today!! I really loved the AOL journal community. I hope we can continue it here!